Wavy ravey dancey prancy... Guy Grey

Wavy ravey dancey prancy... Guy Grey
I've been hearing a lot about Guy Grey (he/him) so I thought I oughta have a chat and find out more about this DJ and fellow north coast resident.
Tell us about Guy Grey?
Well I’m from the bush in southeast Queensland. Realising I didn’t quite fit in with my surroundings I had few years stint in Europe and then settled in Gadigal Sydney, where I first connected with the queer community. I spent the next several years in self-discovery, delving into the night scene, producing video art and visuals for parties and getting myself into all sorts of mishaps & magical moments that really informed who I am today. Realising I missed my connection to land and wanting to escape the 2020 lockdowns, I made the move up to Lismore on Bundjalung country, where I’ve happily been ever since (minus a flood or two).
What was it that drew you into DJing? 

I’d always felt strongly about music since I was a kid, but never really thought DJing was for me until I became mates with a pretty spectacular human who encouraged me to have a play. That was only a few years ago, so I’m in the early days of my journey into the craft and culture of DJing and sharing in the pure joy of music, dancing & expression. 

You recently travelled to Europe to explore the dark and dirty corners of the techno scene. Any highlights you’d like to share with us?

Robert Hood in Berghain main room! Roza Terenzi at Mala Junta. Gidëon, Dirty Daddy Don & ābnamā at Whole Festival. There’s too many highlights… The scene is burgeoning!

Got a favourite track at the moment?

Sharif Laffrey - You Might like It 

Fun Fact: What’s something people don’t know about you? 

I’m a country boy.. so I'm very at home on a horse or operating heavy machinery 💅🏽

If I were to come to your house for dinner, what music would you play?

Could be some blues, baleric house, afro & middle eastern artists & general sounds from across the globe. (M: Ok, I'm definitely there)

Got any guilty pleasures?

Hmm… pleasure should never be guilty! That’s my final answer. Ok fine, Nigella Lawson cooking videos! (M: Love it.)

What’s ya poison?

Jack & coke for me.

What can people expect from Guy Grey on the ED dance floor on the long weekend?

Well I’d say to expect a bit of wavy ravey dancey prancy, some deep progressive rhythms, acidic textures, probably some nostalgic rave thrown in there and definitely sexy sauna techno vibes.

Absolutely can't wait Guy. Thanks mate. 🙏

Guy will be getting you in the mood in the Techno room from 9pm - don't miss it.   

Mel 'Feisty' Fitzpatrick / Extra Dirty Promoter

Written by : Mel Feisty Fitzpatrick