Extra Dirty 101

I’m usually a forward-looking person but lately I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic. Maybe it's because Extra Dirty has 14 years worth of skin in the game. Whatever the reason, I'm very grateful to have you in my life.

This is the story of us. 

It’s Saturday night in 2002. We’re at Phoenix, that intimate little club - a dark and seductive sweatbox in the basement of the old Exchange Hotel on Oxford St Darlinghurst.

The night is called Crash, because my DJ buddy and bestie Mandy Rollins and I have been called into a meeting by management and asked what

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Fun Facts and Curly Questions - Bel West
I've known Bel West (she/her) for decades. In fact we first met when she was too young to be in a club and 'proof of age' cards didn't exist. She's one of my best mates and, I'm happy to say, the most recent addition to the Extra Dirty DJ roster. 
I talked to Bel West about beats, bresaola and being called 'cock'!
Tell us where you're from and what you were like as a 'youngen'.
I’m originally from Coogee, but my parents moved to the Central Coast (north of Sydney) when I was young. It was beautiful
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We've partnered with HUMANITIX
We're excited to announce a partnership with HUMANITIX - a ticketing platform with a conscience. Humanitix donate 100% of booking fees to charities around the world. So now every time you buy a ticket to Extra Dirty, that pesky booking fee is helping to educate disadvantaged kids. What's not to like about that!
If you've already got an account with Humanitix, hooray!
If not, setting up an account now at www.humanitix.com will streamline your ticket buying experience. 
Space Nightclub - a big move!
It all begins with desire.
Back in 2008, ED co-founder Mandy Rollins and I had the desire to take our little party DIRTY (held at Sydney's iconic underground venue Phoenix) and make it bigger. Bigger sound... bigger lighting... and more room.
Eleven years down the track and ED has the chance to grow again. We took a chance then, and we’re taking a chance now. What’s life without risks right?
Never before have we had the opportunity to go into such a big space. SPACE nightclub on Liverpool St holds over 1000 so that's more room for
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