Extra Dirty 101

Extra Dirty 101

I’m usually a forward-looking person but lately I’ve been feeling quite nostalgic. Maybe it's because Extra Dirty has 14 years worth of skin in the game. Whatever the reason, I'm very grateful to have you in my life.

This is the story of us. 

It’s Saturday night in 2002. We’re at Phoenix, that intimate little club - a dark and seductive sweatbox in the basement of the old Exchange Hotel on Oxford St Darlinghurst.

The night is called Crash, because my DJ buddy and bestie Mandy Rollins and I have been called into a meeting by management and asked what we wanted to call our new night and, in the spirit of believing a good meeting is a quick meeting, we came up with CRASH.

Crash at Phoenix on a Saturday night in 2002 is heaving. Gay men, mostly shirtless and a small but dedicated smattering of lesbians clustered in front of the DJ booth are grinding away to Mandy’s sexy AF beats. I play later, after 3am, taking the mood deeper, more hypnotic.

And you’re there.

Look, stay with me here… I know, you might not have actually been there, hell, it was 20 years ago. What I’m saying is that there’s something about the DNA of Extra Dirty that seeded in that grimy sweatbox and runs through the veins of all of us on the Extra Dirty dance floor, binding us together like an inter-generational mycorrhizal network regardless of the number of years we’ve spent in the tribe.

After Crash finished Mandy and I moved to The Flinders with a night called TRIBE… you see where we’re going here right?  

Then in 2006 it was back to Phoenix and DIRTY was born. In this case the name came from the boys who so frequently commented that ‘you girls play the dirtiest music’. 

It was great to be back at Phoenix, but we had a dream to take our sound out of the underground and to a bigger venue with better sound and lighting. So, in 2008 we launched EXTRA DIRTY. It was a cracker! Oxford Art Factory, The Exchange Hotel, Rogues, The Shift, The Club, Slide, Universal and now to our biggest venue SPACE … ED has moved around a bit over the years. And you've always stuck with us. A true Tribe. A community.

Now before we skip to 2022, I should mention that a lot has happened in that time. It hasn’t all been plain-sailing. Life never is and clubland, let me tell you is its own beast.

The year 2010 brought tragedy with the death of Mandy. She was only 42 years old and Extra Dirty was only just finding its feet.

Here’s where you come into things again. And this is important.

Without your love and support we couldn’t have gone on. The cut was too deep, the pain too much. But you guys – our Tribe - you held us up and that tragic event actually galvanised us and made us stronger. 

So here we are in 2022. We've come through tragedy, lockouts, lockdowns, a pandemic and we're still together, united on a dance floor that I reckon is the sexiest in Sydney. Seeing you never ceases to bring a smile to my face. The warmth, the love, the hugs. Oh the hugs! 

Together, we’ve created something special. A place where all tribes are welcome, all bodies are celebrated, and all aesthetics have an equal claim to space. 

Thank you for being part of the story so far.  

And if you’re new to ED, welcome.


Extra Dirty remains a party held by mates, for mates and in recognition of our good friend and co-founder Mandy Rollins.

Mel 'Feisty' Fitzpatrick

Extra Dirty DJ and Co-Founder



Mel Feisty Fitzpatrick