(Barcelona, Spain)

Barcelona based DJ and producer; Javier Medina has travelled the world with his elegant mixing style and underground brand of Tech House and Techno.
To be honest, he had it coming. Born in the ‘80s son to a pioneer DJ and radio broadcaster, young Javier grew up surrounded by vinyl records and cassette tapes. By the age of 16, he was already working as a professional DJ and knew all about the art of seamless sessions and frenzied dance floors.
Leaving aside a promising career in graphic design, Medina embraces his calling in 2007, playing steadily in Barcelona and Paris, where he is best loved for his after hours sets.
From then on, Javier Medina’s trajectory has been a constant ascendant into the heights of electronic music. Whether he’s behind the decks performing as E.L.W.O.O.D. or as Javier Medina, he never fails to deliver the perfect set.
Javier is one of our best mates and has performed at ED numerous times to a dedicated tribe of followers.