(Sydney, Australia)

Co-Creator, Producer & resident DJ of EXTRA DIRTY events
Solid, polished, quality. You are deep inside the dance world of DJ Feisty. Known for her long association with Sydney’s premier Underground venue Phoenix and veteran of some of Australia’s largest dance parties including Mardi Gras, Sleaze Ball, Tropical Fruits and Inquisition, Feisty is one of the queer scene's most popular DJs.
It is Feisty’s original approach to her sound that has made her stand out. Sexy, hip-grinding rhythms and rolling baselines characterise the Feisty sound.
Feisty’s credentials in the Sydney scene include top notch residencies, most notably her four year stint with CRASH and DIRTY @ Phoenix, and now EXTRA DIRTY, all Oxford Street institutions, as well as Queer Nation at Home (Australia’s largest nightclub). Feisty has also had numerous special guest appearances including Rubberball, Gayday, Homesexual, DogPound, WoofClub, Black Ball (VicLeather), Beyond (Melbourne), Taboo (Singapore), SIR (New Zealand) and the world famous Hellfire Club. She's played alongside some of the biggest International names such as Carl Cox, Ben Manson, Sneaky Sound System, Javier Medina, Chicane, Jack Chang, Boy George, Calagna and Boris (DE).
Whether it’s an intimate underground venue or the main room of a major circuit party, you can be sure that Feisty will move you.