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NEWS - September - 4 - 14 Remembering Mandy Rollins

NEWS - September - 4 - 14
Sadly the 4th of September 2014 marks four years since we lost our Extra Dirty Co-Founder, DJ Mandy Rollins. Mandy was an inspiration to many. She was also my best mate and together we created Extra Dirty, bringing our little subterranean club night above ground. It was always our intention to bring underground sounds a little further into the open in the gay community. I'm proud to say that Mandy's legacy continues with every ED we do. As always I'm thankful for the support of everyone who continues to attend Extra Dirty.
This episode of ED Sounds focusses the light on Mandy. The first mix is from her last appearance at Mardi Gras in 2010 and it's a cracking tribal house experience. The second mix is by a UK DJ, Pete Gooding. I chose this mix because it begins with Mandy's signature tune "Passion" by Gat Decor, and continues, weaving a path through some classic house tracks that were the backdrop for many of us who found our feet in the DJ and Club scene through the 90s and into the 2000s.
I hope you enjoy. Cheers,
Mel "Feisty" Fitzpatrick
If you feel you need help with depression or other mood disorders, the Black Dog Insititute is a great place to start. Extra Dirty is able to donate to the institute each year due to your generous support of our parties. Thank you.
EXTRA DIRTY - Underground Dance Parties - Sydney Australia