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NEWS - July 23rd 2014 >> This week's techno is hot and hard!

NEWS - July 23rd 2014 >>
>> Our very first episode of Extra Dirty Sounds featured mixes from D-Formation and Lower and were sexy and grinding in nature. This week's episode comes with a warning: we're going harder with a more aggressive take on the genre. And it's not surprising that both mixes come from Italian DJs/Producers. While it's not for everyone, here at Extra Dirty we like our sounds hot and hard. 
>> First up is SAM PAGANINI - a DJ and Producer that I love. You'll be familiar with many of his tunes as I give 'em a good old thrashing at ED, particularly "Polyester" which was one of the biggest techno tunes of last year. 
>> Rounding off this week's ED Sounds is JOSEPH CAPRIATI whose mix is from the Awakenings Festival in Holland where they do techno exceptionally well. This one is for you Lin Hwong. ;)
Let us know what you think of these mixes by leaving a comment below. We'd love to hear what you think - and please shoot through anything you reckon we should listen to and feature in our Extra Dirty Sounds series.
Mel "Feisty" Fitzpatrick
EXTRA DIRTY - Underground Dance Parties - Sydney Australia