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NEWS - February- 24 - 15 JOHN

NEWS - February- 24 - 15

John has been coming to Extra Dirty events for about three years and is one of the friendliest guys we've ever had the fortune of knowing.

Markham first noticed John at Extra Dirty over a year ago and always marveled at the aura John possessed while on the dance floor. Never afraid to flaunt his best assets, it was john's friendly smile and the twinkle in his eye that really caught Markham's attention.

When they got talking, John revealed his overt shyness at being asked to be a model and was convinced that he was not photogenic. Markham explained that photogenic was just a state of mind and that he was an expert at giving direction to novices in front of the camera. After a few weeks thought, John was convinced to follow through on the promise of turning up for the shoot.

"John was nervous before the shoot and convinced that he wouldn't be able to look good in front of the camera. He also expressed some trepidation at being instantly recognised, so I arranged for some additional accessories to partially obscure his face. He was a great sport about the whole process and we worked collaboratively to get all the best angles and to show him off in the best light. I think the results are truly awesome but mostly because John is such an awesome guy and a breeze to work with". Markham Lane.

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EXTRA DIRTY - Underground Dance Parties - Sydney Australia