EXTRA DIRTY - Underground Dance Parties - Sydney Australia

NEWS - February - 24 - 15 LANI

NEWS - February - 24 - 15

Lani and her partner Mark attended their first Extra Dirty at the "Team Extra Dirty" event on the Australia Day long weekend this year. Mark has been known to the Extra Dirty team for quite a few decades having a close relationship with Mandy Rollins back in the early 1990s and decided to bring Lani along to celebrate their 9 year relationship. It didn't take long before Markham discovered them and got chatting.

Mark is an internationally renowned rope working performer and he and Lani have been doing a double act for audiences for quite a few years, including at the Hellfire Club.

Lani kindly consented to being photographed by Markham in his Darlinghust studio, with Mark completing the diamond roping work within about 15 minutes of the shoot.

"This image is about synchronicity. Both Lani and Mark were breathing in tandem during the shoot, locked in a mutual respect and love for each other while the images were being captured. While there is a certain amount of bondage containing Lani, the bond between the two of them could not be broken. It was a true honour to be able to share in this experience and bring their art and their love for each other to the world through my lens." Markham Lane

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EXTRA DIRTY - Underground Dance Parties - Sydney Australia