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NEWS - December - 02 - 14 Survey Results … The Tribe has spoken!

NEWS - December - 02 - 14
Every year we invite members of the Tribe to give us some feedback about Extra Dirty. Once again your response was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who participated. 
So, what were the results.
Unsurprisingly, QBar remains your favourite venue for Extra Dirty with 56% of respondents preferring it to the Midnight Shift Club. The most common reason stated is that it has the underground/grungy feeling that you prefer - and we completely understand that. Having said that, it was interesting that so many people have enjoyed our move over the road to the Shift, citing the quality of the sound and lighting as the main reasons for their choice. 
So why don't we use QBar more often? The fact remains that we can only get QBar for one date per year, and that's the night after Mardi Gras. As long as this remains the case our hands are tied (so to speak - sorry couldn't help that one). ;)  Credit where it's due, the Midnight Shift ownership and management have been extremely supportive of Extra Dirty, and we thank them for that.
As to the question regarding your preferred format for Extra Dirty, 58% would like to see us in one main room with a smaller chill out room, compared to the next most popular choice, 29% in two or three smaller rooms. Fewer than 10% voted for the other options.
We also know that regarding ticketing you mostly buy online and that you're very satisfied with our ticket seller Daisy Tickets. We would like to make the point however, that we have no control over booking fees etc - this remains the right of the ticket seller to set their pricing structure. At the moment, the booking fee is 10% of the price of the ticket. 
Only a few people buy in-store, but again those people are very satisfied with the service they get at Bang Clothing. So happy days there as well.
In terms of general comments, overwhelmingly most of you love the music and the vibe of Extra Dirty. Some people want the music policy to include more known/commercial/vocal tracks but they were in a very small minority, as too were those who wanted the music harder/tougher/dirtier. We realise we can't ever please every single patron but we remain committed to keeping it underground and offering something different to Sydney's gay community.
Again thank you if you were a respondent to our annual survey. Please also remember that you can feedback to us at any time by using the contact page on this website.
The four winners of the 2015 Season Passes to Extra Dirty have been notified via email.
EXTRA DIRTY - Underground Dance Parties - Sydney Australia