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NEWS - March - 22 - 15 Javier Medina is Extra Dirty!

NEWS - March - 22 - 15

Wow! What an absolutely amazing set by our International DJ and very good mate, Javier Medina, at our Mardi Gras Edition of ED earlier this month. This is a perfect example of techno Extra Dirty style.

So how lucky are we that Javier has recorded his full 3 hour set for us to re-live and enjoy. This is definitely 3 hours of your life worth remembering. Enjoy every moment of it here.

Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated Sydney's diverse and very sexy underground on the 8th of March at QBar. What a sexy tribe you are!



NEWS - March - 3 - 15 DANE AND MIGUEL

NEWS - March - 3 - 15

Dane and Miguel never miss an opportunity to get down and dirty on the Extra Dirty dance floor. They are two of Extra Dirty's most popular and supportive personalities and agreed to be photographed by Markham Lane in this, the final of his "Underneath the Jockstrap" series. You'll more than likely see Miguel and Dane getting sweaty this Sunday night. We can't wait.

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While all online tickets have sold out for our Mardi Gras 2015 Edition, there are still a few remaining in-store at Bang Clothing (4 Flinders St Darlinghurst), but be quick, we will be sold out very soon.






NEWS - March - 2 - 15 DANE

NEWS - March - 2 - 15

Dane is a devout Extra Dirty disciple, and although only 25 years old, he's not afraid to experience all of the delights Extra Dirty has to offer. For him it's a chance to get down with all the men grinding to the Extra Dirty beats, which he often does with his partner-in-crime Miguel. Togther they're living life to the full and looking forward to seeing all the sexy men in their gear at the Mardi Gras Edition of Extra Dirty on Sunday night.

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While all online tickets have now sold out, there are a few remaining in-store at Bang Clothing - 4 Flinders St, Darlinghurst, but be quick, we will sell out soon.






NEWS - March - 2 - 15 KEZ

NEWS - March - 2 - 15

Kez has been coming to the Extra Dirty parties for many years, often coming for the social engagement of both guys and girls in a safe play space with other like-minded individuals. For her, Extra Dirty gives Kez a chance to flaunt her stuff while enjoying the rhythmic Extra Dirty beats. Having been to many ED parties before, Kez is looking forward to Sunday night as she knows just how sexy this event will get.

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While all online tickets have now sold out, there are a few remaining in-store at Bang Clothing - 4 Flinders St, Darlinghurst, but be quick, we will sell out soon.






NEWS - February- 24 - 15 JOHN

NEWS - February- 24 - 15

John has been coming to Extra Dirty events for about three years and is one of the friendliest guys we've ever had the fortune of knowing.

Markham first noticed John at Extra Dirty over a year ago and always marveled at the aura John possessed while on the dance floor. Never afraid to flaunt his best assets, it was john's friendly smile and the twinkle in his eye that really caught Markham's attention.

When they got talking, John revealed his overt shyness at being asked to be a model and was convinced that he was not photogenic. Markham explained that photogenic was just a state of mind and that he was an expert at giving direction to novices in front of the camera. After a few weeks thought, John was convinced to follow through on the promise of turning up for the shoot.

"John was nervous before the shoot and convinced that he wouldn't be able to look good in front of the camera. He also expressed some trepidation at being instantly recognised, so I arranged for some additional accessories to partially obscure his face. He was a great sport about the whole process and we worked collaboratively to get all the best angles and to show him off in the best light. I think the results are truly awesome but mostly because John is such an awesome guy and a breeze to work with". Markham Lane.

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NEWS - February - 24 - 15 LANI

NEWS - February - 24 - 15

Lani and her partner Mark attended their first Extra Dirty at the "Team Extra Dirty" event on the Australia Day long weekend this year. Mark has been known to the Extra Dirty team for quite a few decades having a close relationship with Mandy Rollins back in the early 1990s and decided to bring Lani along to celebrate their 9 year relationship. It didn't take long before Markham discovered them and got chatting.

Mark is an internationally renowned rope working performer and he and Lani have been doing a double act for audiences for quite a few years, including at the Hellfire Club.

Lani kindly consented to being photographed by Markham in his Darlinghust studio, with Mark completing the diamond roping work within about 15 minutes of the shoot.

"This image is about synchronicity. Both Lani and Mark were breathing in tandem during the shoot, locked in a mutual respect and love for each other while the images were being captured. While there is a certain amount of bondage containing Lani, the bond between the two of them could not be broken. It was a true honour to be able to share in this experience and bring their art and their love for each other to the world through my lens." Markham Lane

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NEWS - February - 16 - 15

DJ Javier Medina is undoubtedly one of Extra Dirty's favourite DJs. He's a Matinee All-Star DJ playing the world's biggest Circuit parties as well as it's most subterranean gay events. We've had a privilege of hearing his amazing sets since 2010, and he's been back to ED more times than we can count. 

Last year he surprised us all by popping in to Extra Dirty and playing "a few tunes" (that went for two glorious hours). He had us all wanting more, so he's back to do it all again.

Once again we've brought Javier all the way from Barcelona, in an exclusive performance just for Extra Dirty. He'll be taking it deep into the underground with his uniquely sexy sound. Get ready to get dirty with Javier Medina. Check out his live set from last year's Extra Dirty.


This year we also welcome for the first time, US DJ Shane Stiel. Shane's career ...



NEWS - February - 06 - 15 Well that was a ripper!

NEWS - February - 06 - 15

Thanks to everyone involved in making our Team Extra Dirty event on the Australia Day long weekend, such an amazing night. It was great to see so many of you embracing the Team Extra Dirty theme! Good stuff.

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank our DJs for an amazing and seemless aural experience, Man and Terry for incredible lighting, the staff of the Midnight Shift and of course Sydney Leather Pride for an ever-efficient coat check.

If you missed Team Extra Dirty, then head over to our gallery page and ...



NEWS - December - 02 - 14 Survey Results … The Tribe has spoken!

NEWS - December - 02 - 14
Every year we invite members of the Tribe to give us some feedback about Extra Dirty. Once again your response was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who participated. 
So, what were the results.
Unsurprisingly, QBar remains your favourite venue for Extra Dirty with 56% of respondents preferring it to the Midnight Shift Club. The most common reason stated is that it has the underground/grungy feeling that you prefer - and we completely understand that. Having said that, it was interesting that so many ...

NEWS - December - 01 - 14 Extra Dirty Sounds #005 "It's all Yellow"

NEWS - December - 01 - 14
In this episode of Extra Dirty Sounds, we're pointing you in the direction of some great quality Techno direct from Sweden. Andy Notalez is one of our favourite producers and label boss of Yellow Recordings. His style is not for the feint-hearted. But if you like your techno tough and driving, then it should be rights up your street.
Andy is joined by another Techno DJ and Producer, Andres Gil, who ...

NEWS - October - 27 - 14 Full album of hot images from last ED now online

NEWS - October - 27 - 14
Well that was a cracker! Last October long weekend you blew the roof off the Shift yet again. Unfortunately it was the last Extra Dirty for 2014, but we'll be back on Saturday 24th January (The Australia Day Weekend) for Team Extra Dirty, so we look forward to seeing you then.
Images courtesy of Marc Berndsen are now available in our photo gallery.

NEWS - October - 01 - 14 Extra Dirty Sounds #004 - EDDJs

NEWS - October - 01 - 14
With just a few days until Extra Dirty, we thought we'd give you a taste of what our line-up have in store for you on Saturday night.
Juan Velasco’s Extra Dirty Opening Teaser mix is the perfect start to the night. He begins with beautiful deep house vibes, moving through tech house and ultimately pumping the energy level up to sexy with some super smooth techno tracks.

DJ Lady K then takes you to the stratosphere with Spider Fighter, a typically high-energy set. While moving around in genres she never fails to keep the energy moving in an upward trajectory.

Finally I give you something to take home with you with my After Our’s mix. I made this mix with a  vodka tonic in mind while kicking back at home after a hot night at ED. It’s techno but a little more down-tempo and deliberately “metronomic” in nature.


NEWS - September - 22 - 14 Our fastest selling party yet

NEWS - September - 22 - 14
This upcoming Extra Dirty on the October long weekend, has been selling like hot-cakes. In fact right from the very first member/subscriber release, tickets were flying ... and they kept flying, making this our fastest selling party yet. With just less than two weeks to go until ED, all online and in-store tickets have sold out. 
As always we keep a small number for the door to be sold on the night. Unfortunately, due to the strong demand, we have only been able to keep 50 tickets for this purpose, so if you want one, be early. Doors open at 10pm.
This Extra Dirty sure is shaping up to be a hot one - with Juan Velasco, Feisty and the return of DJ Lady K, as well as lighting by Man Lie and Terry Harvey, Extra Dirty is going to sound and look amazing.
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NEWS - September - 4 - 14 Remembering Mandy Rollins

NEWS - September - 4 - 14
Sadly the 4th of September 2014 marks four years since we lost our Extra Dirty Co-Founder, DJ Mandy Rollins. Mandy was an inspiration to many. She was also my best mate and together we created Extra Dirty, bringing our little subterranean club night above ground. It was always our intention to bring underground sounds a little further into the open in the gay community. I'm proud to say that Mandy's legacy continues with every ED we do. As always I'm thankful for the support of everyone who continues to attend Extra Dirty.
This episode of ED Sounds focusses the light on Mandy. The first mix is from her last appearance at Mardi Gras in 2010 and it's a cracking tribal house experience. The second mix is by a UK DJ, Pete Gooding. I chose this mix because it begins with Mandy's signature tune "Passion" by Gat Decor, and continues, ...

NEWS - August 22 14 She's back and ready to rip it up all over again.

NEWS - August 22 14

DJ Lady K's appearance at Extra Dirty in June can only be described as barn-storming. It was an epic set that left us all wanting more, so it was a bit of a no-brainer that we did all we could to get her back on the Extra Dirty decks in October.

The lady will be joined by Juan Velasco and Feisty, so expect one hell of a night. 

While member tickets have sold out,  regular release tickets are only $30 available online here or in-store from Bang Clothing at Taylor Square Darlinghust. Buy your ticket at Bang and get 20% off store-wide including Nasty Pig and CellBlock13LA.

We'd also like to thank Photographer Paul McDonald and our model Jason McKeen for the sexy artwork they've produced for this party. Hot stuff boys.



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