EXTRA DIRTY >> Who we are

EXTRA DIRTY >> Who we are

Beginning in 2008, EXTRA DIRTY is a dance party that has redefined the gay club scene in Australia.

Appealing to Sydney's gay leather/fetish/rubber crew, Extra Dirty is an inclusive event. You don't have to be into the leather scene to be into Extra Dirty. With a music policy we like to call "Techno with Gay bits", all tribes are welcome.

Proudly born and bred in sydney's gay underground, EXTRA DIRTY is one of Sydney's renowned club nights. The seeds of Extra Dirty were sown in 2001 when DJs Mandy Rollins and Feisty joined forces to create a weekly club night held in Sydney's infamous sweatbox Phoenix. By 2005 that night had evolved into DIRTY, and with a desire to take the concept bigger, Rollins and Feisty launched EXTRA DIRTY in 2008. Sydney's dancefloors have not been the same since.

Sadly, we lost co-creator Mandy Rollins in 2010 and Extra Dirty is now produced by co-creator Mel "Feisty" Fitzpatrick. Every party we do is in memory of Mandy's pioneering contribution to Sydney's underground dance scene.


Mandy Rollins >> (1968 - 2010)

Mandy Rollins >>

DJ and Party Producer Mandy Rollins remains the co-creator and inspiration for mandystribe. Sadly we lost the head of our tribe in September 2010.

Producing what are now regarded as Sydney’s hottest parties within the gay scene, Mandy had a career spanning more than 14 years, first as a DJ and then as producer of Sydney’s infamous DIRTY and EXTRA DIRTY parties.

Her underground house sounds dominated the Sydney scene with DJ residencies and events including the unique, intimate underground venue Phoenix (Crash, Dirty), the internationally famous Hellfire Club, Inquisition, Mardi Gras Parties, and Sleaze Ball. Mandy is the undisputed queen of Sydney’s underground clubbing community. She created her own distinct movement in the Australian dance music community. Her unforgettable sets have been heard in the most respected and desirable clubs around Australia and Internationally.